EvoKeys Download For Windows XP, Vista


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EvoKeys is a program that aims to allow you to create keyboard shortcuts to facilitate some actions taken on your computer. With it, you can create custom combinations to initialize a program, open a window specific settings or even assign them to a file.

Although the program is simple to use, it is worth remembering qu4e it requires you to configure the desired shortcuts manually. However, since these adjustments made, you no longer need to worry about having to repeat the procedure, except if you want to modify them later.

Shortcuts to facilitate access

By default, Windows already has a number of shortcuts that can be used in various situations, in order to facilitate their interactions on the computer. But not all are known, and can be a little difficult to remember key combinations that are not familiar to us.

In addition, a number of functions simply does not have the possibility of opening by means of a keyboard shortcut. Therefore, an application like EvoKeys can be really interesting, because it allows you to create combinations associated with different actions performed in the system keys, speeding their implementation.

Soon to start the program you can see that it operates from a single window and provides all its functions in the form of a button.

Using the program

Basically, to use the program it is ideal that you start by setting the desired shortcuts in it. To do this, start by clicking the “Add” button and see that a new window opens so you can specify the desired settings. Ali, you must add a name to their combination, in order to facilitate their recognition.

Then you need to write the path of the target on the computer or use the buttons next to the “Path” field to find the function or file on the machine. So, you can optionally add parameters for the action to be performed. Finally, in “EvoKey” field, simply press the desired key combination for your shortcut.

Now just save the settings and your shortcut is created and shall be active on the computer. The application allows you to edit or delete keys in case you want to modify the settings of an item created or simply delete it. For ease of operation, “Custom menu” you own a number of shares previously registered.

When you open any of the items present in that menu, all the fields of insertion screen appear already completed and just choose the desired shortcut for them.


EvoKeys is a great tool for those who prefer to use keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks on the computer. The most interesting about this application is that with it you can create combinations even for tasks that do not have this form of access as a standard Windows which would be necessary to locate them in the dishwasher or by implementing bar.

However, it is worth to emphasize that if a key is already used in the computer to a specific action of the system, can generate conflicts or new shortcut just does not work. So it is always good to take some care with the combinations created, to not end up choosing some costumasse you use frequently.

The application interface is friendly but can be intimidating for those who do not have much affinity with this type of function. However, after setting up your first shortcut, you already realize that the use is much simpler than it seems, because the data to be entered are only referring to what you want to create.

Likewise, in many cases it is not necessary to fill the field parameters, which should be one that can cause more confusion. Also, another interesting point is that the application itself already has some interesting functions previously registered, to facilitate their task in time to create a shortcut for them.

If you want to create custom shortcuts for various tasks on the computer, certainly worth testing EvoKeys.

EvoKeys Download For Windows XP, Vista

EvoKeys Download

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