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The WIireOver is an application to send and receive files via email attachments. With it, you can send content of any size to an external server, thus freeing disk space.

In addition, the tool helps to deal with the common limitations of email services, as usually one account allows you to send attachments only a very limited size – for example, the standard servers limit to 10 MB as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail support up to 20 MB and 25 MB attachments respectively. Not to mention that sending larger videos and albums full of photos is not entirely compatible.

Encrypted transmission

Aiming to enhance the security, all connections and document submissions made through the program are encrypted. Therefore, only the person who receives the file sent by you can access the content.

The tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac and Linux, with which you can transfer files over your local network as well as the internet. Otherwise, the program also has the option of automatic summary, ie, if a problem with the internet connection occurs, the process is automatically summarized and can be restarted later.

Before you start using the software, you need to make a simple registration consisting a valid email. Thus, the program sends a confirmation link to your inbox.

Needless to configure

There are four main ways to access the application: using the context of the files via the desktop shortcut menu from the main menu or the Windows system tray. To send files, you can either do it manually or pull and release the document in the application interface.

The program asks you to enter the name of the recipient and allows the inclusion of a message. If you want, you can create a list of contacts. Thus, just select the one you want to exchange files and have them quietly via email.

Remember that the file transfer depends solely on your connection speed. It is also important to remember that to receive the files, it is necessary that the recipient also has the WireOver installed on the machine. Otherwise, it will not be possible to exchange files.

Whenever a new transfer is requested, the program sends a notice to your inbox. That way, you can choose whether to accept or not it performs. By default, all files received through the application saved in the “Downloads” folder on your PC. But, if you prefer, you can change the location where the documents are stored, as well as decide whether the application should not be started along with Windows.


It is very interesting what a tool as small as the WireOver can do. Weighing just under 10 MB, it can enhance the options of attachment allows exchanging emails and files of any size via email.

Moreover, as the tool supports the function of pull and drop, you can send multiple files at once. Not to mention that it is present in many locations in Windows, which facilitates access to it.

Visually, the application interface is extremely simple. Only a screen is responsible for receiving and sending documents. Otherwise, the program does not require any complicated setup IP or Proxy, all it takes is a valid email account.

The function summary file is also a good option because it avoids sending broken files. That is, if an error occurs at the time of transfer, you can pause it and resume it later.

However, not everything is perfect. For example, the option file encryption is only available in the paid version of the app. Otherwise, it would also be nice to have more information – type, size, and extent – on the file attached to the email sent to the recipient because that way the person would know better what you are about to download.

Download WireOver Beta

Download WireOver Beta

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