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iKITMovie is a very specific video editor, specializing in creating movies using stop motion method, one in which several sequences of still images give the impression of movement. He has focused on this type of creation functions, then just take the photos (which are the frames of the film) and put it all together here.

By this software, you can add multiple audios as narration, sound effects and even music. You can create a media library within the application, as it happens in conventional video editors, where you put all the files you will use within the program, accessing everything expeditiously.

You can even capture images from webcam or any video snippets, increasing the possibilities of creating within the iKITMovie. Then draw the frames of your animation and add it all within this app, creating a stop motion animation without many difficulties.

Stop motion for all

The iKITMovie offers four lines long, and the first one is for image and audio for the last three. Reserved in the figures, you add frames to your animation, remembering that this program is responsible for assembling a movie – this means that you should shoot the actions and send everything to the program.

To complement your creation, you can add narration, soundtrack, and of course, lots of sound effects. For this, the iKITMovie has a library with more than 2200 free copies at your disposal. In addition, the program offers a series of tutorials on their official page.

Importantly, this is a demo version that can run only 10 times. Thereafter, to continue working on their projects will need to purchase a full license.


iKITMovie is a program easy to use despite its very specific proposal. Something interesting here is the possibility of working so focused on creating animations, making it a very welcome option for those who want to do something in stop motion, but found it difficult to conventional publishers.

The interface does not do enough to have both visual appeal, despite the organized structure. While it is not difficult to access resources offered by iKITMovie, the “face” of the program not dazzled, looking like something from a decade ago, something decent for a software that works with manipulating multimedia content.

Installing iKITMovie is simple and not complicate anyone’s life, as well as its basic usage (downloading content and editing the film). The features that ensure it has a good use when creating an animation, serving both beginners and slightly more experienced editors.

Finally, also a shame he is not free, but the trial version can give a good idea of ​​how iKITMovie works and also whether it will realize what you need. Therefore, it is worth downloading and testing.


Download iKITMovie

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