EchoVNC Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

VNC is a communication protocol that enables access GUI operating systems remotely. Roughly, you connect to another computer and use it as if you were sitting in front of him. It’s a great way to make remote assistance, mainly to allow different operating systems are interconnected. Currently, the most famous software category are UltraVNC , the RealVNC and TightVNC .can say that EchoVNC comes to the evolution of the famous UltraVNC. This is because, besides reproduce completely the latter’s functions allows access computers remotely via VNC, without having to change machine settings.

EchoVNC not only reproduces the UltraVNC in functions as well as the graphical interface. Obviously there are additional options, which will be no problem for those who already use VNC programs. Just the fact of making unnecessary manual configuration of routers and firewalls already makes the program a good choice for those who want practicality.

Furthermore, the connection method used proved to be as safe as the traditional. Moreover, by enabling data encryption, connection performance is affected, but nothing discouraging. According to the developer, the solution to this obstacle is on the way. For those who want an easier to configure client / server VNC or even saving efforts, this is the ideal program.

If you struggled to redirect router ports, for example, your problems end here. connection method used by the program dispenses performing manual adjustments on routers and firewalls without compromising the security of connections. Like its competitors, EchoVNC also supports encryption, thus preventing the interception of data. Without doubt it is the most practical software category.

EchoVNC Download

EchoVNC Download