Bluetooth Radar Download For Android, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Bluetooth Radar is an application capable of detecting multiple devices with Bluetooth technology. It has a radar in its interface that displays the available devices in range of your computer. Thus, it is possible to find devices and view details about each.

The program allows you to limit the number of devices listed, which makes the search faster, ideal for locating devices closer. Bluetooth Radar requires installation of. NET Framework 4, which can be downloaded at this link. Also, obviously, you need a Bluetooth hardware installed on the computer.

Bluetooth Radar is a way to identify nearby devices to the computer with an interface similar to antiaircraft panels. Each point found is shown in the radar device name that in most cases, the model appears from the mobile.

The data transfer to handheld devices, especially for mobile phones, was greatly facilitated by the advent of Bluetooth. With it, you can transfer music and photos from one device to the computer without connecting any cable between them.

The program underwent various tests and showed very unstable, causing the abrupt closure of the application.

Bluetooth Radar

Bluetooth Radar Download