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MyConnection PC is a program whose function is to test your internet connection and report on the performance detected. With it, you can perform two tests, one for knowing the speed you normally would achieve downloading a file and the other to find out which utopian potential of the connection.

The second test is released only mentioned as a means of testing for 15 days. However, it is not as relevant for ordinary users, it only indicates that the entire band would be handy if several factors were favorable – for example, the speed of the remote server to transfer files.

Unlock your connection
The initial screen of MyConnection PC features a pie chart initially empty, with each slice representing one of the tests performed by the program. The button below it starts all tests consecutively, returning to the home screen to view the results: the colors red, yellow and green indicate the quality of the connection, respectively worse to better.

You can also run the tests individually, and you can view the results in two types of graphs. Below them, you can click “Explain further” to open a page in the browser with information comparing the results with the data obtained.

In the default view, detailed figures of the tests are shown, separately identifying how each list item is good. With the old view, comparisons are displayed so you know what you can do with your connection – for example, download the equivalent of a CD in two hours.


The look of MyConnection PC is cool, because it presents a selection of compatible colors, creating a pleasant harmony effect. Its interface offers the tests and results data in an organized way, which is good because it makes the information easy to understand for the user – in this respect, a problem it would be in English, but the graphics used make clear the values ​​of the numbers.

Compared with the number of tests available in the paid version of the program, MyConnection PC has only the most basic, it is not very useful for professionals working with network monitoring. Moreover, the results are only interesting for those who live in the U.S., since the servers used in testing when they generate a large latency are made in Brazil, negatively influencing the results.

MyConnection PC

MyConnection PC Download

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