Expat Shield Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X

The Expat Shield is a simple VPN software which allows you to access websites of UK TV as BBC iPlayer and ITV when outside the UK. Normally you can not do this because users only have access to these services in the UK if they are authorized to do so. However, Expat Shield routes your IP address through a UK IP address as if it were still there from anywhere in the world. The installation of Expat Shield is a bit long and give you the option to install the Expat Shield toolbar.

No need to be an advanced user to know that the internet offers a number of risks amid the overwhelming amount of information and entertainment. Even with the best antivirus and antispyware installed and updated, you can still fall into the clutches of cyber-thieves, who are eyeing passwords or bank details.

When the Internet is used, data on the location of the user are sent to the site being accessed due to IP address which identifies your computer on the network of which it is part. This type of information is used to display the Portuguese versions of the pages or information related to their geographical location, for example. For criminals, can also be a gateway for invasions and cybercrime.

The Expat Shield promises to add another layer of security to web browsing through proxy servers, which act as a sort of intermediary between the user and the network. The service hides the user’s IP, by sending a different number to the sites and making navigation completely anonymous.

When run, the Expat Shield starts running from the Notification Area and opens a browser window system default. Just click “Start” to start surfing the internet anonymously.

The default IP user is replaced by an identification number of England, which is sent to all sites accessed. Throughout the navigation, ads will appear in the browser and can be closed by the X in the upper right corner. The Expat Shield also opens pop ups advertising occasionally.


The downloaded file is only one client that downloads the installer Expat Shield. Be aware that, during the process, the application of a sponsorship bar will be offered. Uncheck the box indicated on the image if you do not want to install the add.

During the process, Windows might also prompt the user to authorize some actions manually. Follow the directions that appear on the screen, always clicking on “Install”.

Ready to use

Once installed, the Expat Shield is ready to use, and does not allow additional settings. Clicking with the right mouse button on the icon in the Notification Area, you can just disable protection or access the connection properties to check the IP address and other network information.

The Expat Shield runs forever along with Windows and the user fits just activate protection. The application does not consume much network resources, and does not display ads when disabled.

Expat Shield Download

Expat Shield Download