CableNut Free Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X

The CableNut is a tweak tool for network connections. Tweak means adjusting settings hidden or hard to find, usually in an operating system. Now, this software allows you to configure your network connection from cover to cover.

The program comes with several pre-defined configurations, organized by type (dial-up, ADSL, cable or satellite) and operating system (Win 9x, Me, and 2000).

If you understand the connections, you can even configure the various options and save as a preset configuration. You can, for example, distribute this to any other user that has CableNut.

Among many other options, you can set buffer size, maximum number of connections per server, Default Receive Window, Default Send Window, Max Fast Transmit, etc..

CableNut allows you to modify and optimize virtually any aspect of Windows, related to TCP / IP. So you can increase your Internet speed up to 30% (results can vary depending on the PC). A major advantage of the program is that it detects automaticmaente the operating system and adjusts all settings based on it.

CableNut includes satellite Internet CSS files and gives you the option to undo any changes made, for you do not take risks. Also you can download a patch to update the author’s website, after installing the full version of the program.

CableNut Download

CableNut Download