Free Wifi Hotspot Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Free Wifi Hotspot is a free program for Windows that gives the laptop the ability to become an access point wireless Internet.

Logically, the device in question must be connected to the Internet and equipped with some network card with support for WiFi

This application uses the network devices present on your laptop to send signal to other network. Thus, it is possible to use it as an access point, serving as an alternative if you do not have a modem for wireless Internet.

In addition, Free Wifi Hotspot offers options to limit bandwidth usage by connected devices, presenting itself as a much more simple that than the modem. Safety is also guaranteed because you set a password that must be informed by those who want to use the internet.

Access point
Create an access point with Free Wifi Hotspot is simple: you set the network name and create a password. That alone is enough to click on “Start” and start making everything work perfectly. But the program offers a few more features that can make more customized user experience.

Clicking on “Info”, you can get a lot of detailed information about the connection and before activating the connection, you can define which device will be used to share it. Moreover, with Free Wifi Hotspot can split any incoming connection to your computer, be it internet, Bluetooth or any other.

So, all this at your disposal a variety of network information, the ability to save the data packet from your mobile network and also eliminates the need for a wireless modem.

During installation, Free Wifi Hotspot offers the inclusion of two new programs on your computer. The first appears in a screen like the image below, so if you do not want to install it on your machine, select the “Custom Installation” and uncheck the boxes indicated.

Finally, click “Next” and complete the installation of the Free Wifi Hotspot.

Free Wifi Hotspot Download

Free Wifi Hotspot Download