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NetLimiter is an application that allows users to limit the use of the Internet in accordance with the processes that are running on the computer. So you can regulate and control the Internet traffic so much simpler. The program also has a powerful and efficient firewall, ensuring the safety of your computer while you surf the Internet.

And what are processes?

Generally speaking, a process is nothing more than a running program. When you open Windows Live Messenger to chat with your friends, for example, a new process is created on the computer.

For each application that runs on the PC, a new process is created, and each is assigned a number, called PID, that identifies and distinguishes it from others. There are also processes of the system itself, that are started automatically, but this is another matter.

Interface and firewall

Accessing the program options.NetLimiter has an interface very simple, but very functional. You can view different options and tools in separate windows, giving greater freedom to the user. Moreover, the main application options are easily accessible, as they are arranged on different buttons present on the program screen.

So your computer is protected against pests that wander around the Internet, NetLimiter also has an excellent program firewall that can be enabled or disabled at any time.

Rules and Limitations

In the main program screen is shown a list of all processes that are currently active, and that, somehow, are using the Internet connection. To limit the bandwidth for the process, simply check the “Limit” this next to each list item and wait until the change is made.

Limiting the transfer of data is very simple.You can limit bandwidth only to input or output data. Checking the option “Limit” column in this “Incoming” you limit the input data, while the option “Limit” column in the “Outgoing” limits the output data.

Moreover, you can also create the famous firewall rules, which release or block access to programs and IP addresses to your computer.

The simplest way to do this is by clicking on the “Options” and choose the “Rule Editor” . Then just fill out the requested information and click “Add new” .

Viewing network traffic

The NetLimiter also enables viewing via a graph of network traffic. To gain access to this chart, simply choose “Traffic chart” contained in “Options” . Which means you keep close track of everything that’s happening within the network and could limit using the web for every program individually.


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