FideAS Private File Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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FideAS Private File is an application that serves to apply encryption to existing files on your computer, causing you to ensure certain security over the content of your machine. However, the program works a little differently than other applications category, applying, in a way, a “private” mode in your Windows account.

Thus, just the act of saving the documents you created the account already causes are encrypted and they will be automatically available to enter the account credentials created for the application. So, if you have confidential documents on your machine, you can keep an additional protection surveillances conducted through the internet.

Additional protection
Currently, we are in an era in which the idea of ​​everything being monitored on the internet has become more present every day. Thus, concerns about the safety of the existing content on a computer also started to get bigger, especially for those who use the machine to store confidential documents.

The idea FideAS Private File is help you to have a mechanism for additional security on your computer by encrypting your files. Soon to open the program the first time, it creates a local key to identify your machine. Even, it is important that you store this file in a secure directory, because it serves to remove the encryption of your documents in a case of emergency.

Still in the first access, the application prompts you to enter a password to make your login later. This combination must be at least 4 and at most 16 characters, but the sequence can be assembled according to your preference of use. Later, you can change the password through alternative available in the program.

Using the application
So that your files are encrypted (or subsequently extracted) correctly is necessary that the program is always active, even in the background. You can choose the folders in which the function should be applied in the program settings, and those that are chosen have the documents automatically protected.

The program interface is very simple and virtually all available functions are performed via the context menu. Furthermore, once installed, and while active, it adds an icon in the system tray from which you can access the tool options.

The application counts, even with a system to realize the protection of directories that are in your SkyDrive account. However, it is worth remembering that the use of this alternative requires a valid account of Microsoft and their access credentials to complete the task.

FideAS Private File is a good service for people who are concerned about the safety of this content on your computer. Thus, it can be a solution to protect confidential files or folders stored on your machine, creating a safe environment and applying encryption just to save the documents.

Logo to run the program for the first time will need to make some settings and choose one master password for your profile. However, the whole process is guided and conducted in stages so that even beginners do not have the greatest difficulties in completing it. However, it is worth reinforcing that the ideal is to create a safe combination to ensure their protection.

Likewise, the passkey generated for your machine should be stored in a safe place, because it allows you to remove the encryption of files in case of emergency. All the features offered by the application are applied automatically, provided that the directory where you store the file is included in the program list.

Although the application is fairly intuitive and has an uncluttered interface, it can be a bit difficult for beginners. However, after exploring its functions is possible that all the doubts are clarified, and tell it with a manual (in English) available from your help menu.
FideAS Private File Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

FideAS Private File Download

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