Oxy Browser Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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Oxy Browser is a customized version of the browser  Chromium , the open development project of Google Chrome . Because of this, both the interface of the app as their performance is very similar to what you can find in traditional Chrome. Here, however, you have a lot of customizations to behold the ideal place for those who make many downloads a torrent browser.

To start, Oxy Browser has a dedicated extension to the management of this type of download. Whenever you download a file. “Torrent” it runs directly in the browser as if it were a regular download. At the top of the screen, next to the options menu, is an icon by which you can access the area torrents. You can pause, restart and perform various other actions.

As could be expected, the Oxy Browser shows an excellent performance in navigation. The page loading is fast, exchanging guides shows no slow, and you can separate them in several windows without having any difficulty during the process. We could not expect less from any browser based on Chromium and, like him, has Oxy Browser supports almost all languages ​​of the web in the same way as for plug-ins and other elements.

The Oxy Browser is not helpless in the world. He can access the Chrome Web Store and is compatible with all applications and extensions present in the store. You can still apply any theme available for download.

Another interesting element of Oxy Browser is the ability to log the browser with your Google Account. Thus, settings, favorites and history can be synchronized with the browser. It’s pretty much how to use Google Chrome before its update which changed the New Tab page, as the Oxy remains with the old standard.

Considering that virtually every other browser elements are the traditional ones that you find in common Chromium and Chrome, the browser practically no introduction.


Oxy Browser is a browser for the internet based on Chromium  that brings you a great browsing experience. The app is customized to help you navigate more quickly and also has specific functions to download files via torrent. Thus, if you usually wear much this kind of transfer, Oxy Browser is a great option for your computer.

The thing you will notice the tool is its similarity to the Chromium / Chrome. This may seem redundant, since the browser was based on these two browsers. Still, there are customizations that completely mischaracterize them the tool, which is not nearly the case of Oxy Browser. It holds almost all you need the original Chrome. You can log in with your Google Account, sync your favorites and settings and, best of all, you can install any app or extension present in the Chrome Web Store without any difficulty.

The differential Oxy Browser, beyond the colorful theme, is your native extension for downloading files via torrent. In our tests, this tool worked perfectly, without presenting crashes or slowdowns. The browser automatically starts downloading your torrents when you give the command to run the item on the page which is accessing, which saves even more a little time.

On the issue of performance, benchmark tests put the Oxy Browser on top of the tables, as well as Chrome itself and also Chromium. The three share virtually the same code, which further helps the app to be compatible with many different web language, as well as numerous plug-ins and other elements.

Thus, if you want a fast browser, but can not let go of your Chrome or Chromium, Oxy Browser is a great option, especially if you download many files per torrent.

Oxy Browser Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Oxy Browser Download

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