8 Steps: How to Find and Replace in Microsoft Word


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Have you regularly wrapping up a letter, report, or introduction just to find that you incorrectly spelled an individual’s name or had an inappropriate organization recorded on numerous occasions all through your archive? No concerns—it’s a simple fix. Utilizing Word’s find and replace in word, you can rapidly find and supplant text. How about we perceive how it functions.

Now and again you understand that you committed an error in the report, either on the grounds that you rehashed a piece of the record or in light of the fact that you have to change a specific word or expression.

In that case, you can use the Replace command by following these simple steps.

Step 1:

On the Home tab, click the Replace command button, which will be located in the right corner of the Ribbon.

find and replace in word

Step 2:

The Find and Replace dialog box will open. In the “Search” space write the word or the fragment you want to replace, and in the ” Replace with ” space write the text with which you want to replace it.

Step 3:

find and replace in word

Once you complete all the spaces in the dialog box, click the Find Next button.

Step 4:

Word will search for and underline the word you want to replace.

Step 5:

Check the results that Word gives you to make sure that the underlined words or fragments are the ones that you really want to replace. In our example, the first word that Word shows us is in the title and since that is not what we want to change, we will click on the Find Next button.

Step 6:

Word will jump to the next word or fragment compatible with your search. If you want to replace that word, you must select one of the two options you have to do it.

  • Replace: with this option you will replace that specific example.
  • Replace all: this option will allow you to replace all the cases compatible with your search that is in the document.

If you want more options, click the More button in the Find and Replace dialog box. From there you can select other search options, such as skipping the score during the search.


Step 8:

Depending on the option you choose, the text will be replaced. Once you’re done replacing what you wanted, click the X to close the dialog.

You can also access the Replace command by pressing Ctrl and the letter L on your keyboard.

So that’s how simply you can find and replace in word.

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