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Floating Text

When you receive an SMS, it appears floating text on the top of the screen, a text box with the sender and the entire message content. On request, you may even directly from there reply: After clicking on Reply a text box where you can enter and send a reply text can be displayed. This saves the activation of the messaging application – if you send some text messages per day, the time required to install amortized soon.

Customizable appearance

“Floating text” offers a variety of options that affect the program during runtime. In addition to an adjustment for the background color of the app allows you aufpoppenden dialogues also to set the display time. The bubble disappears automatically after some time.
Floating Text 1
Rendering with errors

Unfortunately, the graphic representation of the program is not satisfactory. In our tests, it happened again and again that text boxes have been cut off. This affects the function does not, but does not look elegant.

The German translation is particularly unpleasant. It is limited to the Eindeutschen the – the remaining text still appears in English. That looks stupid, but affect the functionality in any way.

Otherwise, there are a few criticisms. This small, free program does what it promises in the description – during the test phase, there were no crashes or other oddities.
Floating Text 2

Despite the at times annoying error floating text rendering is now a useful application which saves much-SMSern possibly one or two click. In our tests, the free program was stable and reliable.

Floating Text Download