Pinball Rocks Free Download For Android

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The game principle is made simple. The ball must be held by the club located on the underside of the playing field – the meeting of distant objects brings a bonus.

In addition to a synthetic table in the style of a rock venue, the product also contains four pinball machines, which are based on well-known rock bands. Fans of AC / DC, Bullet for my Valentine, Slayer, and Alice in Chains come here each with a special table on their behalf.

Outstanding graphics

Rock music has always a certain “dingy” touch. The 3D engine of Pinball Rocks conveyed this feeling almost perfect – on a phone screen with an organic feel you’re back in a rock club. Also contributes to the background music: it comes from various well-known rock bands. When controlling Sony also happen no errors, the tables accurately respond to your inputs. Unfortunately, the one or the other purists too “easy” – a real pinball has always been a certain amount of “unpredictability”.

Pinball Rocks 2


There is no question that the production of a game with licensed content is not inexpensive. Nevertheless, Sony may have overstepped the mark: From house only one of the five tables is enabled. Want to use one of the other, a mite of around 2.50 euros is due.

But that’s not all: For a small donation you may buy you extra lives, which you allow the continuation of a past game itself. Is particularly perfidious, that you may download the background music on demand in your MP3 player – that this is not vonstattengeht free on Google Music, is known.

Pinball Rocks 3


Pinball Rocks is a unique combination of rock music and pinball. Unfortunately, the game is not exactly cheap. If you want to play on all tables contained in the product, so you have to invest more than ten euros for in-app purchases.

Pinball Rocks Free Download For Android