GoToMyPC Download

With GoToMyPC you can remotely access your computer connected to the internet through any other computer also connected. With the reality of broadband Internet, you to install GoToMyPC on your computer, you can access it later by some other browser.

The process is very simple. Simply access the page on the link above. You need to make an initial registration with full name and email address, you will login to your account. After this page, you need to choose a password at least eight characters and mixing numbers and letters. After the site initializes the application installation via a Java.

Depending on your system security risk anti-virus or firewall, you need to free access to this program to continue. Once installed, you need to choose a password for access to the computer, which is different from your account password. If you forget this password, you can only change it on the computer itself.

In one account it is possible to install the system on different computers. Then, you can access the home computer in the office or advance that work on your home PC. Just remember to install the service, you need to be using the computer to be accessed remotely.

To access your computer, just access and login. On your page you will see in service computers registered. Select the one you want to access and enter the access code on your computer. If this is your first time accessing your remote computer from this point, the site will initialize a brief installation of a viewer via Java. All access will be done so in an open window in the browser itself.

Installing GoToMyPC on your computer is very simple and quick. The fact that everything is done via browser is a big advantage. There is a slight delay in the response time which depends on the link speed. If you do not use broadband Internet, besides the high cost of leaving your computer on all the time on the internet, you will see a very large delay in access to it. But if your connection speed, so the internet from your PC as where you are accessing, is fast, the experience of accessing the computer remotely can be very interesting!

GoToMyPC Download