LanSpy Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

LanSpy is a very useful application for computers connected to other machines on the network. With it you have a precise breakdown of the networked PC, with information about the server, disks, processes, hardware and more.

The use of LanSpy is pretty simple and all information is raised as in a common search, just by the information IP of the machine that must be “searched”. Obviously, to accomplish this you need to have administrator status network.

A good help to keep the network

The LanSpy provides support for network administrators time to keep it running so organized, it allows you to monitor and track actions, ideal to prevent misuse and network overhead. The number of information displayed by the program is very large, a positive and enabling broader control over the system.

With LanSpy you can check remotely information as records, processes, resources shared, logged in users, local groups, global groups, security options, initiated sessions, event log and more. Altogether there are 25 different items that the network administrator can access.

And all this can be very useful for security, visualization processes running on network computers to see if there is some “stealing” the connection, display the list of applications installed on the machines and also check open ports, which can be used in bad faith.


LanSpy is a great tool for monitoring and network management. It allows for very simple way to obtain useful information for those who need to know if there is any possibility of failure in both the network itself and the computers that are part of it.

The application is easy to install and quick enough to get the data needed to work. It displays them in an organized and intuitive, with menus that can be expanded and retracted as in a traditional file manager, and an interesting factor that counts in favor of LanSpy.

Anyway, for those who want a more effective solution to manage networks, test LanSpy can be a great outlet.

LanSpy Download

LanSpy Download