JimIp Switcher Free Download

For those using the notebook connected to different networks, different options to keep safety profiles and patterns of connection can be a practical alternative in time to get settled into a new place. Often, due to lack of habit or even lazy to set everything up again, many users end up using basic network configurations, and therefore remain exposed to potential attacks on unknown networks.

To avoid mishaps like these, one of the best ways is to create specific for each of the connections you use configuration standards. In this sense, the JimIP Switcher application helps the user, allowing you to store and save different connection profiles.

The JimIp Switcher is free and simple to install. Once downloaded, simply double click on the executable file and follow the step by step installation. If not on a personal computer, make sure that you have administrator privileges to change network profiles, otherwise the software will be of little value.

The interface JimIP not Switcher has many features and locate the functions available is quite simple. To create a new profile, just name the new configuration and define the specifications of IP and DHCP. When you finish the configuration, save the new profile. To add a new just click the plus sign.

Upon returning to the program all created profiles are available. Simply select one of them for the settings are automatically modified. The application is lightweight and fast execution, however it is recommended to have basic knowledge in network configuration to at least fill the profiles in order to avoid possible problems of access.


Simple implementation, JimIP Switcher is the perfect option for those who use laptops or netbooks in various different connections, always needing to worry about custom settings to ensure safety in each of the profiles.

The interface has few resources, however the location of functions is available. Remember that it is advisable to have some knowledge about the basic data of a network before attempting to modify their settings.

JimIp Switcher Free Download

JimIp Switcher Free Download