BuduIP Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

It has become increasingly common to use networks. Whether at home, in public places or in your company is likely that you are connected to other computers and the Internet through a network. The BuduIP is ideal for anyone who needs to manage the network with greater precision application.

With a simple interface and a few buttons, the program allows the user to know which network addresses are in use. The BuduIP basically performs only one task: to scan the IP addresses to return the information which are in use and which can be used.

Choose Your Band

Obviously, the program allows to modify the IP range to be scanned. To know if you are analyzing the correct address range, check the options of your network connection where the IP number of your computer. After discovering this detail, just enter the first 3 numbers of the address. If desired you can change the ping timeout (time in the program to ask for a return).


BuduIP is a very basic software, but can be very interesting for users who manage a very large network. Unfortunately the app does not give information about the name of the computers that are using IP, a factor that greatly facilitate the lives of those who need to do a more complete report on the network.

Obviously there are many applications that best BuduIP and considering that the program’s interface is not the best, you are likely to want other software of its kind. However, if you choose to use BuduIP is likely not repent, because the small size and quick installation are points that appeal in time to test the application.

BuduIP Download