Power Admin Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X, Linux

Network administrators, local or not, often have a hard time trying to manage them in an Active Directory environment – is because Windows does not offer easy access to the basic tools of control, either because of good management tools are too expensive to Purchased.

With Power Admin history picture changes, as it will free and offers such a beautiful and intuitive interface that any child could use it – should possess the necessary expertise to manage networks, which is a minimum requirement to properly use the tools the program.

It covers the most common tasks an administrator in one place and ensures prompt access with great ease. In it, you create and research in computer lists, add them manually or import via Active Directory, gives “ping” the program will automatically connect to remotely access the desktop of the PC chosen, among several other possibilities.

To create a new list, add computers manually through the “Computers” menu, the “Add Computers” option. Have to open a ready list, select “File” and open “Open”. The options are in “Options” under “Options”, while the option to give “ping” on all computers are in “Computers”, via “Ping All”.


Power Admin is a unique tool for network managers and requires mandatorily minimum knowledge of network administration to be able to use the program properly – for example, you must know the way a computer to be added. Moreover, its interface is extremely well organized and because of that, very easy to use.

Power Admin Download

Power Admin Download