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Set up a network on Windows is synonymous with many mouse clicks. You need to click the right button somewhere, then left to open a new screen, then new clicks to get to the menu that will be inserted values ​​of IP, subnet, subnet mask, DNS etc..

The IP Config Tool aims to shorten the path not working as a shortcut to the Windows screens, but as a new plant. He gathers the necessary information so that a new network is set up, as well as for automatic renewal of IPs to a DHCP server.

Configurations and profiles

The IP Config Tool is also interesting for those who manage or work with multiple networks program. With this program you can configure different profiles, each with individual values ​​to work within a limited computers (the “hosts”), for example.

So just make the necessary changes and save to a new profile (“Profile”). In the right part of the screen you see empty fields in which the information of new profiles should be inserted. The program provides configuration has a single screen and includes only the essentials for setting up a network.


Who is tired of clicking several times to reach the core of Windows networks found a great solution, because the IP Config Tool can be a great central networks, without leaving aside all that is necessary for that.

Its interface is very well organized, with a clear division of values, possibilities of renewing the DHCP server and other important functions for anyone who wants more flexibility when creating a network between several computers.

The discretion of a program is another high point, as well as practical it works from the system tray. In addition to easy access, this feature allows the program to run without disturbing the user.

IP Config Tool

Download IP Config Tool