Download Whiteboard Network For Windows XP, Vista, 7

The Whiteboard Network is a program that allows you to quickly create a diagram representing the layout of a network. The main idea of ​​the application is to provide a simple and rapid means for the design of prototypes and changes in a network. The tool is lightweight and does not consume many processing or memory resources.

Designing a network

The program interface is basically composed of three elements: the Toolbar, the palette with objects for the network diagram and the drawing editor to compose. At first, you can find the tools pen (to draw connections), with different color options (blue, black or red) and variation in the width of the lines and representation on the screen (point or rectangle).

The palette is divided into two tabs, the “Computers” which features related to users and servers (desktops, servers, notebooks, servers, internet connection, etc.). Drawings. The “Networking” tab shows the network elements (routers, firewalls, switches, etc..). To enter them in the drawing editor, simply “click and drag”.

If you need to delete an element, click on it with the right mouse button to “Delete” option is shown on the screen. If you need to remove a line, simply use the “Eraser” tool bar present in the program tools.

The Whiteboard Network offers a simple and very practical for you to develop prototypes for network. It can be used both in daily office, the assembly of projects and during a presentation or lecture in which it is necessary to illustrate the creation of a network because it is lightweight and very easy to handle.
Whiteboard Network

Download Whiteboard Network