ZapShares Download For Windows XP, Vista

One of the main problems faced by users of P2P networks is currently related to privacy of data transmitted by the type programs.

Although it is not common in Brazil, many companies use personal data shared on those networks as a way to sue people who share illegal content.

In addition to result in legal problems, the use of P2P programs jeopardizes important data and files from the computer.

After all, is not always that you can be sure the share folder does not contain any confidential document, nor is there assurance that other person is not checking your data usage with own intentions.

The ZapShares is a program that prevents the two situations described above, creating a real safety net for the computer and preventing any data is transmitted. That is, you can continue doing downloads carefree way, with the assurance of whom no personal data is transmitted.

The process of using the program is quite instructive, without having to waste time on complicated commands or confusing menus. When running ZapShares the first time, just follow the steps for the software to create a special folder protected sending any data.

Among the software compatible with the protection offered is Lime Wire, uTorrent, Azureus, BitTorrent, eMule, Ares, Shareaza, and other lesser known names. An important point to be considered is that the ZapShares change the default folder where the downloaded files are saved as a form of assured data security.

To access this folder, just click the right mouse button on the display in the Notification Area icon and select “Show Secure Folder Vault> Mair Secure Vault” option.

For those who frequently access sites where the amount of data sent or not given the possibility to download, a warning: while ZapShares is connected, the computer will not be able to upload any data through P2P programs, which can impair relationship between the amount of data sent and downloaded.


The ZapShares is a good way to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized persons monitors the activities performed by the user when connected to a program for P2P file sharing.

The highlight is the process of intuitive configuration, which guides the user through all the steps necessary to protect your computer. All this in an explanatory way, dispensing expert system for the software to work properly.


ZapShares Download