LanHunt Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

LanHunt is a specialized application to do searches in computer networks to search for specific files.

You can help refine the results, stating, before starting the research, what kind of file you want and also the IP range in which it will be done.

The searches appear on the screen and, after reviewing the results, you just need to start transferring the file to your computer. That is, this program is nothing more than a search engine able to work within the limits of the computer network in which you are entered.

To use it, however, you must know some connection information such as IP addresses used by each computer. After that, perform searches for any item becomes dead simple, making you forget the hassle of rummaging through folder by folder or even having to use the Windows Explorer search for it.

No installation

The LanHunt not require any installation, just by its decompression so it can be used. This also means that it can be driven directly from a pen drive. After that, check the settings of the program and enter the IP range in which the search will be made.

This is extremely useful, because those values ​​that will define exactly where the search will be made. That means you can limit a search in just two PCs or entire network, for example. This tool offers time savings and more accurate time to find something.


LanHunt is a very interesting tool for anyone who uses the network and usually save files on different computers. Of course, not everyone will see utility in this application, but in what is proposed, it is very effective.

Its interface, although not present the most modern of visual, is neat and organized, a very interesting point. To waive installation, you could say that LanHunt is also very practical: just download, unzip and use.

The negative part is on account of him not having any tool capable of identifying network data. This means that if you do not know how to get them, this program becomes completely useless.

LanHunt Download