How to create a website?


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Every day on the Internet there are more and more sites. If you count the number of them that I think it will be about 300 million. Almost every person who creates a site, it creates it with a view to it to make …

From my experience I can say that we should not always think about the money you need to invest all his soul so to say in the creation of a site, promote it, only then it will be easy for him to earn. No need to push immediately after creating it with ads, affiliate programs and so on, it can negatively affect both search engines and site visitors.

Let’s now talk about the process of creating a website . We examine this process into several stages, namely:

– Defines a topic of interest;
– Choosing a domain and hosting ;
– Choosing the engine (CMS);
– We make (design, content).

Let’s start with step number 1 – decide on a theme of the future site. I advise to choose the subjects in which you are best to understand, that in the future you will not have problems when filling the site and not only. For example, in life you really like fishing, you can create a website about fishing, where it will be a lot of useful information.

Once you have decided on the theme, go to the next step, select the domain name (the address of your future website) and hosting (a place where you will be placed poster). Now there are lots of web hosting companies where you can register yourself and order a domain hosting, I recommend you or, is one of the best hosting in Russia, you can take timeweb, or ru-hoser, you choose, the quality will be slightly different, well service and naturally.

Whichever site you will create, on how many visitors you expect. The cost of domain name in. Ru average of 100 rubles / year, hosting about 50 rubles per month (on average). We proceed to the third step is the choice of engine.

If you have created a site where there will be news articles, yHow to create a websiteou can take the engine (CMS – Content Management System) Drupal – a free engine, which is not bad choice for such subjects. Alternatively, you can take a DLE (Data Life Engine), but this has already paid, the license cost of $ 59 / year. If you have created a forum, the Council should forumnye CMS:

– PhpBB (free);
– vBulletin (paid, if I am not mistaken about 199 $ / year);
– IPB (Invision Power Board, the cost of $ 175 / year).

This is the most popular forumnye engines, again you choose. By the way, I almost forgot, if you have a blog, I advise either Joomla or WordPress, both functional and engine are free, and are perfect for blogs.

The last step in our list is the design of the website, users must be nice to be on the site, do not make it too dark, or vice versa, too bright, choose a design that is pleasing to the eye.

Templates (designs) you can take from the internet, or if you have the money to order a custom design for your site. About the content can say one thing, it is better to have on your site was unique content that is not copied from other resources.

After all this, you need to unwind, to advertise, you can order a website run by catalogs (such as Once you will have a good constant attendance here already then you can think about money. At this perhaps finish, I think this “compressed” article was useful to some readers. Good luck and I wish you success in your network!

Savita Sathe
Savita Sathe
Savita Sathe is an experienced writer and editor with over 10+ years of professional experience creating engaging content across industries. Whether it's blogs, whitepapers, website copy, emails, social media posts, or more. She develops effective content that helps brands connect with their audiences and achieve business goals.

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