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Trustwave Secure Browsing is no secret that not all results appear in searches done on the internet are safe. After all, you may be looking for a movie and end up accessing adult and malicious content, for example, which is pretty bad.

To post your searches safer, you can use different softwares that are available for download. One is the Trustwave Secure Browsing, which is offered in the form of an application for the Google Chrome browser.

Protecting all your links …

Once the extension is installed in your browser, it automatically starts operating, putting a small button on the top right of your window. You only need to click on it to enable or disable the work program, as well as acessas available settings application.

Thus, whenever you perform a search through Google or any other search engine, the program will place an icon in the left corner of each outcome. Hovering the mouse over that little symbol, explains the extent that the link in question is safe, if he could not be parsed or is simply not safe.

Does more than the obvious

Although the focus of Trustwave Secure Browsing be online searches, it does not restrict its use just that. All links that appear on your screen – an example is Facebook posts – are analyzed and symbols are used, always in their left.

Besides all this, through the alternative program configuration, you can increase or decrease the icons of trust, enable or disable the appearance of suspects icons and choose a color background.


Early in the testing Trustwave Secure Browsing, a defect somewhat annoying was found. The icons used to mark which sites are safe or are not ugly, having the appearance that were downloaded in a package any. With this, the pages visited by you are filled with elements that are not cute.

However, to greatly improve the situation, this was the only negative point found, so that we can begin to list all the qualities found.

Works and will not lie to you

To begin, we must state that the Trustwave Secure Browsing actually works and will help you visit only secure addresses – ie: you perform the download without fear of being happy. With this, the tool developers achieved their goal of delivering a quality product, which also shows a certain whim.

The operation of the application should be considered sincere as he shows you when it is not able to act or links that are not reliable – even large companies like Mozilla, are signaled when something happens. Thus, in addition to efficient, the software will not get you into trouble.

It is not invasive and not fussy

Although the icons have been cited as ugly, they are the only interference of the program in your browser. Moreover, it changes nothing in your navigation, preventing exaggerated warnings or anything like that end up annoying you – hallmark other security programs.

Have you the ability to hide or not the negative results is something quite clever and useful. So why not list them results in a null you ignore the warnings of the program in question, and can also be a kind of parental control so that their children do not infect your computer in your absence, eg possibility.

Thus, taking into account all the qualities listed here, the Trustwave Secure Browsing is a smart and good tool to have on your computer, even if it does not replace an antivirus.

Download Trustwave Secure Browsing

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