How To Send Private Messages in instagram

As you ‘ve probably noticed , Instagram goes through some periodic updates – usually , they only serve to fix any bugs or to change any details related to the software interface. Recently, one of these updates includes a new feature to the photo app : Instagram Direct made ​​for direct messages .

The operation of this alternative work has no secrets , and it makes it possible to send photos or videos and a short text written as a caption to one of your friends – or , if you wish, for an entire group of contacts. Thus , Instagram spend rely on a more intimate interaction option .

If you do not know this tool and want to know how to use it , just continue reading this tutorial. Also please note that the work process is the same for different operating systems , so we use a Samsung Galaxy S4 to illustrate step by step the direct transmission . Enjoy !

How To Send Private Messages in instagram

Photos only to the right people

Firstly , you should take a picture or record your video normally , including choosing the filter that will be used . The difference is the time to publish the file in question , because you must tap the ” Direct” button in the upper corner of your screen , as shown in the image below.

instagram direct

Then in the new window that opens, you can include a caption in your picture or video and also tag the people who appear in their records . Finally , you should choose the person (or people ) who will receive the news – it is necessary that you just tap on the desired contacts .

After following the steps mentioned above , please confirm the operation to send the images . To check the sending or receiving direct messages , you need to tap the species represented by a box in the upper right of the screen Instagram Home button ( no markings to show if seen or likes your photo ) .