How To Display All Programs On The Home Screen In Windows 8.1

Nowadays, it is no secret that Windows 8 has led several changes to the Microsoft operating system. Among these differences is the absence of the Start button, a new interface for applications, among other “quirks” – and it is necessary to say that not everyone is happy with these changes.

One of the most important changes is the fact that it was somewhat more difficult to access an area with all your programs, especially if you do it via the Home Screen. However, with the arrival of Windows 8.1, some “corrections” were added as well as other features and new customization options.

Thus, in a few steps and clicks, you can make the home screen shows all the programs installed on your computer whenever you are using it, resulting in simpler and faster work process. To learn what must be done, just read the steps below.
How To Display All Programs On The Home Screen In Windows 8

Putting it all in one place

As soon as you turn on your computer, go to the Desktop. This can be done in different ways, such as by clicking on the tile right on the Home screen or just by pressing the shortcut “Windows Key + D” via your keyboard.

Then click the left mouse button on any free part of the Taskbar icons. A small menu will appear, and you need to choose the latter alternative, titled “Properties”.

In the window that opens, select the tab called “Navigation”. After that, identify the alternative “Automatically show the view Application when I enter the home screen” and mark it as valid.

In this window, you can also make your searches covering all areas and not just the Application, as well as different ways of ordering the provision of programs that are listed. Simple, is not it?