How to update regularly your website or blog?

The fact that you need to regularly update your own website or blog, said a lot. Any site owner is clear that frequent content updates , favorably influences the speed of indexing by search engines and users heated interest …

However, many bloggers and webmasters have difficulty with regular publications related to their own laziness, lack of new ideas and time, different farce majeure.

1. Harness the delayed publication. Even if you wrote 2-3 articles today, you should not put them at once. Better to postpone publication for 2-3 days. Publication plan for the time when you’re on vacation or for any other reason will not be able to publish many articles.

2. Keep a list of topics for future articles at hand. Sometimes ideas for future publications come quite unexpectedly, have the opportunity to record them. This list should be at least 10-20 topics for future articles. It will help you in those moments when you do not have the mood and energy to generate new ideas.

3. Do not seek to update your site or blog every day. better publish 2-3 quality articles per week than short notes every day.

4. Keep a small amount to purchase content. Allocate $ 20-30 per month to purchase content. Sometimes it is easier to buy an article you write yourself.

5. Learn to motivate yourself by writing articles. Even when you do not want to sit down, make a plan for a future article, and start writing.
How to update regularly your website or blog
6. Look for new ideas for my site on pages competitors, and just watch the development of resource-competitor. Healthy competition can be a good source of motivation to work.

7. Article optionally write directly from start to finish. If you do not have enough time, write at least half.

8. Develop a clear plan publications. better to have such a plan in three variants – the plan at least, the optimal plan, the plan maximum. In terms of planning a mandatory minimum amount of work for a week, in the optimal plan as much as can be done without straining too much.

Well, the maximum plan – this is the amount of work that you can do, but for this you need a lot of effort. Strive always to implement the plan at least, the best possible, and the maximum in the presence of a strong desire to do something else.

9. Locate the second website for your online resource. If your site or blog generates income, the expenditure for the second author was justified.

Achieve regular publications can be very difficult, especially if you have to work alone. Planning, self-discipline and self-motivation will allow you to succeed in this difficult matter.