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JoPlayer is a video player that does more than just run movie files in major formats of today. This program is also able to record video from a webcam and also take screenshots of your desktop, facilitating the creation of video tutorials.

Besides all this, the JoPlayer is capable of playing DVDs and can even be used as an adjunct to view photos in slide shows. Although not the main focus, this software is able to play audio files in various formats supported including playlists.

With still other features, such as support for subtitle and resume playback of a video from where you left off previously, JoPlayer can be a considerable alternative to traditional players available in the market.

Complete player
If you want to run a video, JoPlayer can help. He is able to run nearly every style of the genre, including therein MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, MPEG, MP3, WAV, OGG, VOB, FLAC, ASF, WMA, WMV, RM, DVD, RMVB and ( S) VCD. Controlling a reproduction can be made from keyboard shortcuts, ensuring greater convenience in this type of action.

The application also offers advanced options for implementation of a movie such as zoom, mirror the image, apply filters, equalization of audio and more. Still dealing with the sound of the JoPlayer also presents more specific options if you want to use it to listen to their music.

More than showing a video
The JoPlayer can still be used to capture images from your desktop. It lets you choose whether the entire screen or just a specific part of it will be recorded, providing controls through keyboard shortcuts and saving it in AVI format at the end. Make recordings from a webcam or a microphone is also possible here.

Moreover, the JoPlayer has resources to rotate the screen, increase or decrease the playback speed, delay or advance the audio, subtitles setting, generating thumbnails from a movie and more. And all of this offered in a traditional compact and affordable control panel menus.


JoPlayer is a great alternative for those who are tired of the traditional options of the media players market. The program has the great advantage of playing almost any audio or video file, thus ensuring that you go do not need other software for that.

The amount of resources here impresses, especially by relying on tools that go beyond the conventional, as the options for capturing screen images and also webcam and audio capture. Therefore, it is important to stress that serves JoPlayer for those looking for something basic as for those who want a more advanced application either.

Keyboard shortcuts make its use even easier, another plus point of this program. A well-organized interface with distributed tools wisely, complement JoPlayer accordingly – though he rely on shortcuts to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, something expendable.

Anyway, a multimedia player who does not sin at absolutely nothing significant, ideal for those who want a program that can be used without problems for many types of users, capably serving several purposes.


JoPlayer Download

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