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Bizness Apps is an online service for you to create custom applications for smartphones. With it, you can put together a program following the step by step guide provided, making it easy to develop your model, even for someone who does not have many affinities with this type of software.

Also, you will not need knowledge in programming languages ​​or design: the service does all the work for you. In its nature, the program is paid and a free version that is just for testing, with limitations. To use Bizness Apps you must create an account on the service and you can make your clicking here .

No login using a social network for the task, but do not worry, because the form of account creation is small and can be completed quickly.

An application your way
Although you can count on a number of programs for smartphones, they do not always have exactly the functions you would like. But, how to develop an application is also not an easy task, you end up opting for an existing one, even if it does not meet all your requirements.

With Bizness Apps, you can create a small business that suits your application, in order to serve customers the way you imagined. After logging into the program, you can choose to capture data from your website or start an app entirely from scratch. If you choose the second alternative, rest assured that the procedure is fully guided.

Mounting the app
The first step of the process consists of choosing a category for the application. Here, you define what will be the kind of business that it should contain. Done this, you will need to choose which tabs will be part of the application. The process is quite simple: a window displays all the possibilities and you can add as much as deleting items.

That done, the second step consists entirely of content insertion. Here, the work is entirely manual, because you will have access tab to tab and fill out the information you want to appear in the application. Completed this procedure, it is time to define how you will look your program.

Here, there are two basic models, initially. Chosen one that is more in line with your personal taste, simply select the colors you prefer. So, there’s even a preview of your application and the publishing industry.


Bizness Apps is a good service for those who do not have any kind of affinity in the development process, but would like to assemble an application from your service or product to operate on mobile devices. Moreover, the process of creating your application is fully guided, being distributed in five main phases (which facilitates to represent exactly what will change with each time).

Regarding the types of application, it has several categories, making the chances of the service you want to be present among them. The content industry is what has more information. Still, it is well organized, dividing the items into tabs, making it easy to find what you need to fill.

The layout of the final product follows a pattern, because though the creative process is yours, you are following a model ready and just riding on top of him. Still, you have two types of interface and some color combinations available to them, allowing you to select it deems most appropriate.

The assembly of the application itself is fast, and you’ll just need more time for inserting content. Another advantage of the program is that it has a system preview so you have no idea how will the results prior to publication of the edited program.

As it is a web application for mobile services, it is compatible for use in various smartphones. However, although you can edit various features of the program, there is no way to edit the core category. We believe this is a limitation of the trial version of the service.

The interface of the program is entirely online, which allows you to access the location where needed. If you ever wanted to create your own application for a product or service, but had problems with part of development, it is worth testing the Bizness Apps.

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps

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