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SoundScape Generator is a simple to use tool that allows you to combine multiple sounds to create a new track. You get eight different channels to use, and each of these, you can enter multiple sound files to run as you see fit.

To use the SoundScape Generator, just select a channel on the app window and then click the “+” button. Thus, you can choose an audio file. You can select a track from an artist or a simple sound effect. After you perform this procedure with all the sound channels SoundScape Generator, is the time to begin performing the desired channels.

Several activities
The app is ideal for creating mixes sound for environments such as shops, waiting rooms, elevators and others. It should also be noted that the app can not record the sounds you create, but you can save the construction projects you did. Thus, the entire organization of channels created can be used again at other times. You can do this using the “Save Project” option and when you want to load the list again, simply access the “Load Project” and find the file you saved.

To run the files present on certain channels SoundScape Generator, you need to click on the gray balls that are positioned right after the channel number. At the top of the table, they are labeled “On / Off”.

You can also change the volume of each channel, their frequencies and direction of sound, can move the audio just to the right boxes or left.


SoundScape Generator is a very interesting and versatile tool. You can perform a variety of tasks with it, but can not actually save your work “mixing” and the like. You can still save files from projects in the app, thus maintaining all settings of the channels so that you last used.

The usefulness of the tool is quite varied, but you must find a way to use the tool in a more interesting way, since you can not leave him much time working alone. On the other hand, you can use up to eight channels of audio to create what you want.

Easy to operate
In the field of usability, there is no way not to like SoundScape Generator. It is extremely simple to operate. All channels of sound are always shown, allowing select them and set sound files that must be performed on them. The addition and removal of contents of these elements is equally easy. Other than that, there are not many settings to make the tool.

In our tests, we did not find any problem with the SoundScape Generator. Everything went fine, no glitches in any tool or app option. Still, we miss options to schedule the execution of the channels or even record sound content that you create with the SoundScape Generator.

Still, it’s worth doing a test with the app and check out all the features of the app. It is very interesting to create ambient sounds, since it allows you to combine multiple sound effects and keep them in an eternal loop.
SoundScape Generator

SoundScape Generator Download

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