Kepard Download For Android, Windows XP, Vista, 7

Kepard is an application for creating virtual private networks, a method widely used to transfer encrypted data securely. It offers freedom, privacy and security, has no limit of trafficking, allows torrent and P2P sharing, and all this in a simple program to be set up and used.

This is a demo version of Kepard then it provides only 30 minutes of connection per day for an entire year. It’s a good way to test the capabilities of the program, which has versions for various platforms, including laptops, ensuring, above all, affordability.

With servers in five different countries, the service can be accessed from various parts of the world, even with the same account being logged on to two computers simultaneously.

The Kepard offers four different protocols to choose from: OpenVPN TCP, UDP OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP. Additionally, you can add proxy if the internet connection that you use to work that way. Finally, the change of IP address can also be taken in this simple application form.


Kepard is a practical and simple option for creating VPNs, offering a fast registration and no complicated tools for everything to be put to work. The application stands out for a discreet and clean look, making it even easier to use by anyone.

Its only drawback is, in fact, not gratuity. Who is not willing to pay a subscription of the program will be able to use it only 30 minutes a day for a year, which should greatly limit the program action. Anyway, so it is now possible to know enough of Kepard and see that it can do the trick.


Kepard Download