NEWT Professional Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

The Free Edition of NEWT Professional is a program for monitoring computer networks. It operates in a single window and has a friendly interface making functions and easy program to be located. In the left sector are displayed as network computers are just right show their respective information.

In implementing the program, it finds all computers connected to the network and automatically displays already in the tab named “Network Browser”. You can either make a full scan of all computers located (including your own) just as for a specific machine. For all, just use the “Scan” button and for a specific machine, simply select it from the list before applying this procedure.

When the command “Scan” is activated, it tries to connect to machines found and displays the information on the success or failure of it. Including messages appear reporting that the machine is turned off, or can not be accessed due to lack of password.

Clicking on any of the machines on which the scan was applied (or “scan my computer” to your computer) you can view information (in separate tabs) on the system, Windows information, network drives (hardware and software), information about your computer (operating system, processor), supplies, printers, RAM slots, services, installed programs, programs that start with Windows, virtual memory, protection and anti-virus installed

The Free Edition of NEWT Professional is a great tool for network monitoring, as it displays well complete information with respect to each of the computers operating within it. Additionally it is easy to use due to its user-friendly interface with most of the functions in cylindrical shape and has very intuitive menus. Have a manual (in English) for if there is any doubt over its use.

NEWT Professional

NEWT Professional Download