Ninja Pendisk! Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

The Ninja Pendisk! is a small antivirus designed to protect your machine from infections of viruses from pendrives. No installation required and only one file, the Ninja Pendisk! runs in the system tray. When you connect any USB storage device, the program scans it automatically for threats such as self-executable files, which are usually open by the commands contained in the file “autorun.inf”. Its use is simple.

After you download the Ninja Pendisk!, An icon is inserted in the system tray. Any feature can be accessed through this icon. Clicking it with the right mouse button and then “Add to Startup” you makes the Ninja Pendisk! starts with Windows startup. Uncheck “Automatic Clean” option if you do not want to run antivirus whenever you insert a pendrive. The last option, “Disable autoplay” off autorun files when you connect your device to your computer.

Historical Small
Previously, most portable devices used to transport data were the 3.5-inch diskette. Today, USB drives completely assumed the role that floppy disks were therefore find people who still use this ancient type of media is very rare.

Just like floppy disks, USB flash drives are a constant threat to computers: since they are easily transported, it is very easy to contaminate them with viruses and spread the plague. So always have a good antivirus for monitoring the device.

Although awkward, the Ninja Pendisk! is an interesting way to protect your computer from any malware present on your flash drive (or other) idea. Their mode of operation provides safety to the user, as soon as the stick is connected, the program performs the check. However, much faith is required to believe that a program of 679 KB is actually able to protect USB drives of any threat.

Ninja Pendisk!

Ninja Pendisk! Download