ThreatFire Free Edition Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7


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ThreatFire Free Edition is the free version of this program that can serve as a complement to your virus scanner. It strengthens the protection for your computer against worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware and of course viruses. program does not require lengthy downloads or advanced settings. Just run it to strengthen protections for your computer. Differential ThreatFire Free Edition is that it uses only signatures , ie, lists of viruses to detect dangerous files on your machine. He makes a behavioral analysis to detect and stop any suspicious activity that might compromise your safety.

ThreatFire Free Edition has all the basic features of an antivirus. It removes harmful or, where this is not possible, let the quarantined files, prevented them to be accessed and executed. This shield also has a scanner for rootkits and other files that hide deep within your computer. This shield can not be regarded as a complete antivirus, but is a good addition to a program you already use and trust. It allows you to customize the rules for detecting harmful files. This can enhance your standard antivirus in protecting your computer. ThreatFire Free Edition is lightweight. Even if it runs throughout all time and monitor their activities, it requires little RAM.


This version of ThreatFire Free Edition is free to use, however, some features are only available in the paid version of the program. This is the case, for example, the On-Demand Scan, which searches for viruses in files as they are accessed. USING ThreatFire Free Edition has the interface within the pattern of almost all antivirus. The program displays information about scanned files, options to scan your PC, update and configuration. Those who are already accustomed to using antivirus programs, will certainly have no trouble using it. At the “Protection Statistics”, the program displays the protection status (whether it is active or not), analyzed procedures and updates on your machine. To update ThreatFire Free Edition, click “Update Now”.

In the “Start Scan” screen, you scan your computer in two ways: “Intelli-Scan”, with which he only research in key areas of your computer, and “Full Scan”, which searches your entire computer for dangerous files . After the search, if the program finds a threat, you can choose to delete it, let quarantined or even preserve it in case she is not really harmful.

The “Global Actions” screen displays files and programs that are “Allowed”, “Deny” or “Tour” (s) Quarantine “for you. To add files to the list, drag and drop them into the program screen. On ” Advanced “you will find advanced options for searching and eliminating hazards on your computer. This area is recommended for advanced users. Finally, the screen “Settings” displays the primary settings ThreatFire Free Edition, how to activate or not the program, create a restore point and schedule a full scan on your machine.


Certainly ThreatFire Free Edition does not replace your standard antivirus. However, in the fight against these pests that are in every corner of the internet, all help is welcome, and ThreatFire is a nice extra. Compatible with various programs, this anti-malware does not solidify the security of your computer, but in some cases you can find dangers that other programs do not find. What may be a problem for ThreatFire Free Edition is your method of analysis, investigating the processes of your computer. Thus, some harmless programs can be considered hazardous by mistake and you will need to intervene to prevent complications.

Lack of On-Demand Scan can not be regarded as a failure, after all, the ideal is that it works with another program, wait is this another software to run On-Demand function. On balance, ThreatFire Free Edition searched many files and showed rapid time to scan your computer. For those seeking reinforcements in the fight against the dangers of the internet may be ThreatFire Free Edition helps. However, if you are satisfied with your antivirus, this program will not surprise you.
ThreatFire Free Edition Download

ThreatFire Free Edition Download

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