Keynote Internet Testing Enviroment Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

The KITE, short for Keynote Internet Testing Enviroment, is a program for online applications. The software is free and has an interface very similar to the programs of the Office suite 2007 with the system of tabs and modern look. Keynote Internet Testing Enviroment is for you to know if the speed of access to a particular site is normal for your computer. So when you use the KITE, the program makes bots (“bots”) from other countries visit this URL and check the speed of access to the complete contents of the homepage. KITE To use you need, first of all, do Download the installation program. Then run this file. When finished, the KITE open automatically. Once the program starts, you will see a window asking for login and password.

If you have a account, enter your computer data, otherwise let them know you’re a new user and sign. At the end of your registration, email configuration will be sent to the address you registered. Visit it and click on the activation link. That done, you can already enjoy the tools KITE. Begin your tests by clicking the green button marked “Push to start”. An Internet Explorer window will open. Here you must enter the URL, enter a code for the site acknowledges that you are really a person and then click the blue button to proceed. The time for viewing the results may vary according to the site you are testing. If the site contains many images or very large files, the time is growing.

At the end, you get a detailed report containing the time that goes into each location on the site and which files are heavier as well as the time it takes to appear. The program also allows several different views of the graphics from 3D and 2D bar up points in a diagram. Then you can save this result in PDF format and present it to your partner, if you are analyzing your company’s website. Should a doubt larger, the program has a video tutorial in English for help. Just click “KITE Quick Tour” on the main page.

The KITE program is a very beautiful and functional. The results he presents are quite significant, after displaying important information for the sites analyzed progress forever. You may feel a little trouble at first, but there is a video tutorial to clarify any doubts. The interface is very reminiscent of the 2007 Office programs, which can greatly help users already familiar with this software.

Keynote Internet Testing Environment

Keynote Internet Testing Enviroment Download