WirelessNetView 1.50 Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

The WirelessNetView 1.50 is an application that serves to detect wireless networks that are available in the region in which you find yourself. Unlike a few years, the Wi-Fi networks became increasingly integrate our everyday life. It is not unusual to find open networks in malls and other public places.

So, if you have a compatible device, you can enjoy browsing the internet without needing to spend with 3G or alternative connections. The problem is not always your device may be able to locate the Wi-Fi available. And that’s where the WirelessNetView.

Find wireless networks

The program can be ideal to find networks and check the signal, as is to observe how your WiFi connection All results displayed by the program represent wireless networks that are in range of your device. The application can also be used in a portable way from a flash drive.

The most interesting thing about this program is that it needs no initial setup for use. Logo when running WirelessNetView, you already receive a listing of available networks. For each one, you get data from the SSID, Last Signal Quality, Average quality, detection counter, it is a secure network and authentication mechanism.

Also, if you want more detailed information (such as channel frequency, MAC address etc..), Simply select the desired network and access the properties (at this button in the program interface or via the context menu).


The WirelessNetView is an excellent tool both for locating a wireless network to see how the signal quality. It can also be used to check if your connection is responding within the expected values. As the procedure is fully automatic, it is very simple to use, even for beginners.

A major advantage of the application is the fact that it is lightweight, unlike many in this category. Besides not consume many resources of the computer, it can still be used from a USB stick or other portable device. The downside is that the maximum connection speed, at least during testing, exhibited a wrong value.

Another interesting aspect is that it allows to obtain basic data or detailed information about the localized networks.


WirelessNetView 1.50 Download