Moo0 ConnectionWatcher Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Many processes take internet connections to work properly, the simplest example being that the browser itself. However, processes that you know the connection capacity may be responsible for problems of your internet, or worse: some malware can be sneaked into your PC and sending your information via internet.

With Moo0 ConnectionWatcher, however, this is no longer a problem, because thanks to it you can see the list of all processes loaded on your computer to find out which of them are connected to the internet, the place to which they are connected and inclusive the throughput of packets sent and received by each process.

During installation of the program, uncheck the first screen to not install another program than the very Moo0 ConnectionWatcher. With it open, probably as the default language is English , however, otherwise, go to the menu to the left, move the mouse over the penultimate option and select “English”.

That done, just look to the table to identify the data. “Process Name” is the name of the process, “Remote” the place to which he is connected, “Received” data received and “Sent” envoys. The rest of the information is more specific and more interested in who certainly know what they identify on the network.

The Moo0 ConnectionWatcher is a simple program that is for you to find out which processes are loaded on your PC performing internet connections, which are connecting and throughput used. Does not offer many options, but it is useful to discover malicious or processes that consume a lot of bandwidth. In addition, it has several color options for the window.

Moo0 ConnectionWatcher

Moo0 ConnectionWatcher