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KTag Editor is an application for editing ID3 tags that allows you to change the label information of your music files. The program’s goal is to help you change the song information for MP3 files stored on your computer.

KTag Editor only supports music files in MP3 format, allowing you to change the basic information of tags (artist, album, genre, year of release, comments) and also other file properties such as the artist of the album, composer, the artist’s page, copyright data, disk number, editor, encoder and even URL.

Loaded with options
There are two ways to modify the tags: or double-clicking on the desired column appears in the File Explorer Table (writing the desired input), or by selecting the desired files, modifying the data from all of them. The last option allows you to perform batch operations, which means that several songs can be processed with a single click.

KTag Editor has a player so you can listen to the songs you want to change the tags. One or more tags can be removed from all selected at the touch of a button and the image of the artwork for the CD files can be added, removed or extracted from existing songs.

Simplifying Your Work
Moreover, KTag Editor comes with batch options to rename all MP3 files. You can instruct it to enter data for the tag name, add custom text, prefixes or suffixes, replace or remove certain words, automatically change the options for capitalization and so on.


KTag Editor is a comprehensive editor for ID3 tags and somewhat complex. The program comes packed with options for you to do all the necessary information of your songs with speed changes.

The main interface is a bit confusing, but once you get used to using the program, it should present no problem. The interface is very organized with well-designed and easy to locate menus.

The triumph of variety
Another feature of the application is that it has an embedded music. That way you can listen to your favorite files that need to be edited directly through the program. This is an easy way to play your songs without even having to leave the product.

A wide variety of Ktag Editor is really its main triumph. You can edit just about anything, as the album artist, the composer, the artist’s page, copyright data, disk number, editor, encoder and even URL.

Supports only MP3
One of the programs KTag Editor is that it only supports MP3 files. Thus, their use is rather limited. Ideally, the program would support various media types, such as AAC, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA and more.

Still, Ktag editor is a quick way to change the tag information of your MP3 music. A wide variety of tags that you can modify worth the download.

KTag Editor Download

KTag Editor Download

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