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FileSearchy is an application that offers an alternative search engine for Windows, with an interesting option for those who want to test alternative ways to find files on the system. With it, you can get results taking into account everything that is on your computer, including contacts, photos, and music programs, among others.

Thus, if you do not like the operating system tool, you can find FileSearchy in the alternative that was seeking. The program offers two modes of operation, with the “normal” and one that presents search results in real time.

Alternative mechanism
The search system on the Microsoft operating system has evolved a lot, especially if you consider the model introduced in Windows XP and earlier versions. But still, there are always tasks that could be improved or even added to the mechanism that was even better.

Therefore, many choose to test new tools in search of differential or even results displayed in less time and more efficiently. The FileSearchy offers an option with simplified interface and tabbed browsing, for when you need to perform more than one search at a time.

Once the application is installed ready for use. However, you can modify a number of preferences in the options of the program in order to let you more according to your personal taste. Moreover, he has the option you automatically index the existing hard disks on the computer and also mobile units, requiring only scoring such alternatives in the program settings.

Still in the preferences, you can keep the application active in the background, add an option in the context menu and select filters to refine a search.

Doing research
Regarding the research itself, the program screen has a field for you to add the desired term. However, if you want more accurate results, you can simply click on the button next to it. Done this, a new window opens and in it, you can define a list of keywords to search for and also some options that the results should be discarded.

Likewise, it is still possible to choose some alternatives on the main screen to refine the results further. You can set up the entire word must be found or if it is a regular expression, for example. There are also choosing whether to be case-sensitive, the search must be done on the contents of the file or only in folders, set a time and a size range.

When everything is the way you want, just click “Search”. That done, the results are displayed in the right portion of the screen. If you want to open a second tab to a different search on the same screen, just click with the left mouse button on the current tab and select the “New tab” option.

The program has a search mode results shown in real time, which can be enabled via the “View” menu at the alternative “Instant” mode.


FileSearchy brings an alternative to the existing search mechanism in Windows, also, with the option of indexed research, both in the content of the file and folders only. However, one of the main advantages of the tool is the fact that the results are displayed much more quickly than by the native operating system mechanism.

Another interesting point is that you can choose the traditional model of real-time or search according to their preferences. Program settings are very simple and in most cases all that is needed is to mark (or unmark) an option. Similarly, even those that require some padding usually are easy to understand.

Likewise, there are a number of filters that can be applied to further refine your results, plus you can carry out the search with several words and exclude words. Another positive aspect is the ease of implementation of tabbed browsing. So you can perform two searches at the same time without having to open a new window of the program or erase your previous.

In addition, the program is very light and consumes very little computer resources, making its use does not present deadlocks or leave the slow machine. The results showed a great degree of results, even when there were not many specifications or filters applied in the search. So if you are wanting to test a new search tool, it is worth installing FileSearchy.


FileSearchy Download

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