Lollipic Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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Lollipic is a screen capture program that allows you to capture various types of windows and formats with speed and efficiency. The application offers no less than 14 different ways to record any image from your computer in a few clicks.

The capture can be done in several ways by the “Capture” menu. They are: Full Screen, Windows, Monitor, Rectangle, Rectangle / Window, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Diamond, Polygon, Freehand, Last region, Recording and Auto screen capture.

They all provide different ways to take a snapshot of the screen and facilitate independent of the area you want to capture the work. The program also has a feature that allows extremely fast upload the image that is in the catchment area with a simple touch.

Editing your screenshots
You can also set a number of changes that will be applied in the picture after capture as image effects, watermark, annotation, copy the image to clipboard, print the image, save the image as a file or as a file specific name, copy the file to the desktop and upload the image to a specialized site.

By default, the image is sent to an online storage service for images automatically. You will have several options, destination, like,,,,,, and more.

It is also possible to store the screenshot on file, as Box, DropBox, Sendspace, Mega, and other sharing sites, and sites that send to shorten the link and also to social networks like Twitter.

Uploading and easy sharing
Then you can set the actions after upload, how to use the shortened URL, post the URL in a social networking service, send the URL by email or copy the URL to the Clipboard. You can also climb any image from your computer to the Lillipic order to send it to the online storage service.

Use hotkeys Print Screen to capture the entire screen, Alt + Print Screen to capture the active window, and Ctrl + Print Screen to capture a rectangular region. You can also change various settings such as storage of images folder and more.


Lollipic is a packed program of resources for you to enjoy as much the function of the screenshot. Through it, you can capture, edit, upload and share your screen captures in a simple and practical way.

Lollipic is really packed with features to surround you from all possible resources when making a screenshot. The program displays various ways to take a screenshot of your computer screen, including several shapes, such as triangles, squares, rectangles, and others.

Upload and share complete
One of the most interesting features is its function Lollipic upload. Once a screenshot is taken, it can be automatically sent to a storage site, allowing you to quickly share it with others.

You can choose from a plethora of sites to share their images, from photo sharing sites like,, and, file sharing sites, like Drobox, Box and Sendspace; sites shorteners links, and social networks.

Loaded with extra features
Lollipic still offers many editing tools, such as image effects, watermark, annotation, copy the image to the clipboard, among others, that make the program one of the most comprehensive of its type.

The various tools and options it offers, and also by the great ease of use, Lollipic is one of the best programs of its kind. You be able to run several extra features that make the program one of the turbine of the genre.


Lollipic Download

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