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MatrixLocker is a security application that serves for you to protect confidential files that are available on your computer. With it, you can “hide” a folder, making it look like a standard system directory or even just an image on your filesystem.

Thus, you can ensure that particular content is not accessed by others who share the machine with you. The most interesting application is that it leaves no clear signs of its existence, preventing eavesdroppers searching for hidden items. The program is very simple and does not consume lots of system resources and can run on more modest machines without any problems.

Protecting your content
Currently, even if you have a computer dedicated solely for personal use, as there never be sure that a confidential document will always be safe. This risk is further compounded when you share the machine with another person, even if they do not do it daily. So protect that file type is essential.

The MatrixLocker offers a way for you to accomplish the task in a very simple way. With it, you can protect any folder with encryption, so that it can be opened only from it. In addition, the program is so discreet that someone who is not actively looking for an application style hardly notice its existence.

The application interface is very simple and operates from a single window displaying its functions fully and visually on the screen.

Hiding folders
Although at first the program may seem a bit complex, after you understand the mechanics of running the application, will certainly have no problems to operate it. To start using the program, first in the “Folder path” enter the address of the folder you want to hide, or click the “Browse” button to locate it on your computer.

That done, the check “Method” box, you must choose the way you want to use to hide the folder. There are several options, ranging from making it look like a standard directory system to camouflage as an image or a configuration file. When everything is the way you want, just click “Folder Lock” to complete the task.

Once you have completed this step the folder will use this “disguise” selected. Later, when you want to open it, select it in the “Folder path” field in MatrixLocker and use the “Unlock folder” option.


MatrixLocker is a great app for those who have sensitive material on your computer and want to keep it protected from eavesdroppers. One of the main strengths of the application is the fact it does not show a folder with a padlock icon or make it clear that there is content “safely” but the directory disguise, fooling others.

Thus, the slurry can pass completely unnoticed by others, increasing the security of the content. Similarly, the program itself is also discrete, leaving clear traces of their activity. Moreover, it comes fully ready for use, eliminating manual settings.

Thus, its use may be simpler even for those who do not have much affinity with applications that category. Although the understanding of its mechanism of operation can be a little complex at first, it is something you learn literally on first use, making this characteristic does not represent an obstacle in using the application.

A protected time, the folder can be opened only by means of the program, however, no password is required for the task. Therefore, the ideal is that you keep it in a bit accessed directory, so really there is no suspicion of his presence on your computer. Both the function block as a directory to open are extremely fast, taking a few seconds for completion.

So if you want to increase the security of this content on your computer, MatrixLocker certainly is a strong candidate for the job.

MatrixLocker Download

MatrixLocker Download

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