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Textcraft is an online service for you to make logos or short texts, in general, with the style of the letters used in the famous game Minecraft . With it, you can generate this kind of creation of more simple way, and your only concern will be to unleash the creativity to match colors with the style.

The application is submitted in the form of a specific editor to make this type of assembly. Using the service does not require the creation of an account or a registration confirmation: simply access the application page and immediately start their mountings.

In the style of Minecraft
Minecraft, for those unfamiliar, is a game in which you are transported to a world of blocks, allowing free construction. Furthermore, since it is a game of survival, the entire environment around the player is generated, including wild creatures and monsters with which care is needed.

If you already know the title and considers the style of elegant game, will definitely love creating logos or short texts using Textcraft. The program can help, too, who are in search of different fonts and designs, contributing to the inspiration of new ideas and bringing various models palettes, which can add a bold touch in the final result.

The application interface is very simple, so that even beginners have no difficulty in using it.

Riding the Logo
After accessing the service, you can begin your creation by typing the desired text in the available fields in the right portion of the screen. Then you can set the font size and width of the border around the letters (measured in pixels). Likewise, you can choose the color you want to apply this framework to the existing palette by selecting the application.

That done, you can also select the font from the available options. Something very interesting here is that the preview of the model is made on the screen in real time, so you can get an idea of ​​how the results will be even before you complete your work. Other available options include adjusting the width of the lines, add shine, shadow, keep the style as three dimensions and use of 24-bit color system.

When everything is the way you want, just click “Create” to display the logo at the top of the screen. If you want to get an idea of ​​how it is in varying backgrounds, use the “view” function. When you complete your installation, click “Download” to download the results to your computer. The generated file is in PNG format.


Textcraft is an application that works as a simple image editor, including being more specific to create a logo or text to a header or presentation. It can be a great alternative for those who like the font style displayed in the game Minecraft or even for anyone who wants vary slightly from the traditional models.

The service interface is noteworthy since it is well organized (with the correctly identified functions) and simple to use, allowing even beginners have no major difficulties to operate the application. Basically, everything that a person needs to do is select items present on the screen or scoring functions, until the effect be generated as expected.

Furthermore, you do not need to know the code of a color to use as the frame of the generated text, since it has the option you find it on the dial available. Likewise, you can make assemblies with multiple fonts. Another interesting point is that there is some pre-assembled patterns that can be applied in one click.

Among them, some are well known in the game as the “Creeper”, “Firestone” style and several others. Additionally, the changes are applied instantly available on screen in the figure, causing you to preview the results in real time. Once finalized the process, simply download the results to your computer without the need to create an account for this or any other complication.

So surely the Textcraft is a great option for those looking to create a bit different patterns for a fun and stylish logo.

How To Make Online Logo With Textcraft - Review


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