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Wohoo IE Care Free is a application that caters to those cases in which you are facing serious problems with the browser Internet Explorer . With it, you can return the browser to its original version or uninstall a backup to prevent data loss in case of any unforeseen future.

Moreover, it also allows you to find the information on your version of Windows and Internet Explorer, facilitating the task if you need such data. For the program to be opened on your computer is to run it as administrator. Otherwise, it simply will not boot.

As much as the modern versions of the major browsers are now much more optimized than a few years, eventually you may still experience problems with any of them. Often this type of question can be generated by external factors such as viruses or even involuntary installation of some adware.

In such cases, it is unfortunately not always possible to reverse the damage in an easy way. Therefore, a simple application like IE Care Free Wohoo can actually be a great ally, because it brings features that let you do a restore of the browser and even uninstalling it and all its dependencies, for when the complication is actually severe .

The application operates from a single window, divided into tabs for easy time for you to find the features available. The first, called “General”, brings core data system, the name and version of the operating system, the currently logged in account and the version of Internet Explorer installed.

Through it you can also open the browser options, open the browser settings screen (with the aim of restoring it to default) and view system information.

Application roles
On the second tab of the program, “Rollback”, you can do a restore to the browser available on your Windows installation DVD version. It is worth saying that when performing this task, all customizations done in the browser and any additions made to it are lost. In addition, you must have the the media containing the operating system, which will be required during the task.

“Backup”, as the name suggests, you can create a backup of the settings of your Internet Explorer. Thus, later if there is an unforeseen will be easier to restore your data. The recovery process is also offered by the tool itself, the “Restore” tab.

Finally, if you have some really extreme issue with the browser and nothing has worked, the app also offers a complete uninstall the browser. However, this is a procedure that requires some caution and should be done if really necessary.


Wohoo IE Care Free is a great program for those cases where you are experiencing problems that seem irreversible in Internet Explorer. However, it only enhances the restoration of the browser version of the disc implies the loss of data, although in some cases may be the only solution.

The program interface is extremely simple and user friendly, making it easy to use even for those who do not have much experience with the subject or never used an application that style. Part of this is due to the fact it displays all from a single window, but distributing the features in tabs, making its location a cinch.

Another interesting point is that it brings the functions of backup and restore in the same package. So, you can keep a backup of your settings, avoiding data loss. Moreover, it can be restored from the application itself, facilitating the task especially for those who do not have much affinity with this procedure.

Although the program makes available the function of full uninstall Internet Explorer is worth remembering that it shares data with the system and after the task may be errors in the future. Therefore, it must be used with caution and in cases where the problem is really severe.

Wohoo IE Care Free

Wohoo IE Care Free Download

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