myControl Download For Android, Windows XP, Vista, 7

Control the computer via smartphone can be a great alternative for those who use the PC as a media center. This is precisely the proposal myControl, a double application (available for Windows and Android) that enables integration between devices via Bluetooth.

Use your Android smartphone as a TV remote control can be a practical and interesting, if you are with your mobile phone always at hand. But what about the idea of ​​controlling your PC using any device with Android as OS?

This is the proposal of myControl app, available free for Windows. For full access to resources, you must also download the myControl (PC) for Android . Finally, before you start, make sure that your PC has Bluetooth connectivity, since it will be necessary to synchronize the devices.

PC and Android speaking the same language

After downloading and installing the application on your PC, do the same as well on your smartphone or tablet. Then turn on Bluetooth on both devices so they can be matched. By accessing the application on your PC, check the option “Settings”. In it is listed your IP, UDP port, and a password.

Then access the application via smartphone and enter the same data to validate the process. If all goes well, you will have access to a screen on your handset that works as a sort of remote control for your computer.

When you touch it, you use the device as a touchpad screen of the computer, turning the mouse on Android. Additionally, you can access specific options with the capture of images (screenshots) with just one click. According to the developer, the application is compatible with all versions of Android.


Practical use, the program lets you turn a smartphone or tablet into a real mouse. The response to commands is accurate and, in addition, there are also additional functions with one that allows you to capture screenshots of your PC screen from your phone.

For those who wish to have access to additional tools, the myControl also has a paid version for Android. However, in our tests, we do not feel the need for other additional controls, and only the package provided by the developer is enough to make the program a great requested.

myControl Download

myControl Download