Screenhero Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X, Linux

Screenhero is a new concept of screen sharing between computers, which makes the whole work becomes collaborative and collective.

With the program, you can connect with a friend and split a working window so you can both move in the same document, making changes and adding data.

The application helps bring people together around a common project, enabling the development and continuity of activities even if those involved are not physically together.

The tool allows two users connected to share the same window and can interact on the computer screen. This means that you see two mouse cursors when using the Screenhero with a contact from your list.

The program enables collaborative work in any application on your computer and can be used even among different system platforms (Windows and Mac).

Screen collaborative
The Screenhero works similar to a messenger such as Skype. To connect to the program, you need to create an account with email address and password, and invite friends to use the tool with you.

When you call a contact from your list, you can set whether to share your entire screen or pick an application window to share with your partner.

The video below shows some possibilities of interaction you can have using Screenhero.

You can work in a program that your friend has installed on his machine even if you do not have the same application on your computer, which means that with the Screenhero, all programs can become open and collaborative.

The tool allows the modification on documents, spreadsheets, drawings and designs, in any application, as well as the joint use of web browsers. With Screenhero, you can also make slide shows and show videos and media to your contacts.


The Screenhero is a simple and very effective way to turn any application into a collaborative feature, being very useful for anyone who is working on a project together with another person or even to assist and teach fiddling with some program.

Because it is a system of sharing, it is very fast. That is, most of the time you are connected directly to the computer of your friend or he to his, without it being done by external servers. This also makes the process safer since there are mediators between machines. The connection is encrypted, and even when the share is being done via the server, Screenhero can not access your computer.

He does not have a voice chat system, which can be a problem for anyone who wants to talk and mess around with some app at the same time. You can use another program to do this, however, depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may experience trouble locking. The developers plan to add this feature soon, something will still more points in favor of this service.

Screenhero Download

Screenhero Download