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MyPublicWiFi is a great tool choice for individuals with assorted mobile products, but doesn’t have Wi-Fi router in your own home. By using it, you are able to turn just about any Home windows computer and access to the internet within an entry way (or hotspot) wireless.

That way, you can share the connection with other computers or devices that are in the same environment. For everything to work properly, the devices that receive the signal must support Wi-Fi and the machine that will broadcast the signal cable should be attached to the internet, and also have wireless adapter installed.

Simple to install and use

The installation process MyPublicWiFi follows the same pattern used by most windows applications. The only real difference is the fact that in the finish from the task,you must restart the computer so that the application can capture network settings and run smoothly.

The MyPublicWiFi interface is simple and intuitive, bringing all options in a single window. Three tabs help keep everything organized, separating the list settings connected clients. This makes it much easier to view the desired information.

Share the connection

The MyPublicWiFi offers a default setting so you do not waste time modifying the application options to share the internet. Your computer is turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot as soon as the program starts, but you can stop sharing personalize some items, such as the network name that will be displayed to customers.

All this is often completed in the tab “Configurations”, where one can also set your password for that security from the entry way. Thus, only individuals who be aware of password may use the shared internet using your machine. You should check who’s attached to the hotspot on “Clients”.


The MyPublicWiFi block also allows the use of file sharers, enabling a firewall. The cool thing is that access to services such as BitTorrent is prohibited only in devices connected to the hotspot. That is, your machine remains free to browse any website and use torrent clients without any problems.

To help ease some monitoring of what’s happening around the network, this program provides the choice to record all URLs accessed through the hotspot created by MyPublicWiFi. So you can see what your customers are accessing and keep an eye on users that only harm the connection of others.


Applications that create hotposts are not exactly a novelty on the internet. However, few appear so simple and easy to use as MyPublicWiFi, which is also free. The interface of the program makes it much easier as it keeps the options well organized and easily accessible to the user. It clicks so that your connection is shared to other people.

In tests, the hotspots were created without any problem and the used devices could access internet quickly. However, the connection of the PC used as an access point was well unstable, losing the signal with certain frequency.

If you want to share the connection just to be able to use the internet on mobile, tablet or laptop when not in front of the PC, the MyPublicWiFi is a good thing because it takes up little disk space and does not interfere with computer performance in general.

However, those who want to divide the internet so that other people can surf the world wide web at the same time, perhaps the result of MyPublicWiFi not be the most satisfactory.


MyPublicWiFi Download

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