Zamzom Wireless Network Tool Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7

Zamzom Wireless Network Tool is a very useful tool for those who constantly uses Wi-Fi networks, as it is an aid in mapping these networks often unstable. This program is very simple to use, even for someone starting out, because it has absolutely all functions in button shape and well placed in its interface. Another great advantage of using this program is that you can know exactly which computers are connected the wireless network and check the security of your network by detecting machines that should not be there. According to the developer, this program is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7.

Who works with wireless networks do not always know that the task of detecting all computers is easy. The Zamzom Wireless Network Tool is a program whose function is exactly that, help you to identify all the computers that are part of your wireless network. This is a basic version (and free) program paid, but is limited by the fact does not display the names of the computers on the network.

Interface and functions of the program

The program interface is very simple and has all the functions available in the form of a button for easy viewing and use. At the top of the program window is displayed first information about your computer. Here you can view your MAC address, computer name, IP and IP range that your router can reach.

Just below, you will find the functions provided by the program. To find computers on the network, just click on the “Fast Scan”. Done that the program automatically searches and displays the results in a list (with IP and MAC address) in the field below.

If you believe (or know) that not all computers were located, you can try a deeper scan by the function “Deep scan”. The “Name” is used to display the names of the computers, but is only available for the Premium version of the program. Moreover, you can save the information displayed using the “Save”.

The “Help” button opens directly from a window of your browser developer’s support page, where there has some information about the program interface and scanning functions and display names.

Zamzom Wireless Network Tool Download

Zamzom Wireless Network Tool Download