BlueSoleil Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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BlueSoleil  is the realization of a dream paraphrases that have different equipment with a Bluetooth. It recognizes everything around practically alone, requiring only a password on both sides (to ensure assurance) to start data transfer.

All seusequipamentos of headsets to mobile phones are available in attractive nainterface enough alone, simply click on them or on the icons to start operating all types of functions. Communicate phones with Bluetooth headsets, direct transfers celularespara image printing and private networks via this standard auger are just a few of the most obvious possibilities.

If you ever dreamed of being able to transfer your photos, music and other information between phones and computers, or you can connect headphones, printers and wireless keyboards to a single network, enjoying all its features without complications, prepare, BlueSoleil is it ready to carry it all on your computer!

So you can say goodbye to cords, rid enormities of space on your shelf and make your daily life more convenient.

For this application to work and recognize their equipment via Bluetooth requires that your computer already has a specific antenna installed, be it native or connected via USB.

You can find one for desktops in computer stores. Already some notebooks already come with internal antennas, eliminating the acquisition.

Starting its connections

The first step is to start the program and connections. To do so, go to your desktop and double-click on the Bluetooth icon (Bluetooth Places or Bluetooth connections). Alternatively click with the right mouse button and select “explore”.

With the window open discovery, turn signal on all devices you want to connect. Automatically activated as soon as they appear on the computer screen. If not, force the search.

Again double click on their name to open the password entry box. Enter the same on both sides, ie, the device and the computer to ensure the connection. Ready, your connection is complete! To finish it, right click on the device icon and choose “disconnect”.

Apart from its devices

As everything is centralized in BlueSoleil 6, the program also opens another possibility, the connections with devices from friends and family, no settings and problems. Just repeat the above procedure with each new device.

Facilitating communication

Why waste time and energy trying to type messages on the phone when you can do it all by computer, with the help of a real keyboard? In the new version of BlueSoleil this option is available, including being allowed to send to multiple contacts. Even clean your box is more fun with a simple selection of content.

Another thing that mobile phone owners can do without any difficulty is to manage your contacts and calendars. Create new entries, delete them or save them. Everything will of their choice and their will!

But most importantly – and cool – all is that you can transfer all your data (contacts and messages are) to your computer, protecting them with backups (backups).

Everything organized

In this real Milky Way (you’ll understand when you open the program), your devices will remain completely sorted for easy access.

Criteria to reorder the icons are Name, State (referring to the activity) and type to differentiate cameras, phones, printers, headsets and other devices that you have tried to connect.

BlueSoleil Download

BlueSoleil Download

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